The Czech Republic Roadshow 2014 Report

Direct contact with the Customers and Trade Partners is very important for every business, because it provides an opportunity to know their expectations and to present the latest product offerings. The need to increase the frequency of such meetings with the Customers in the Czech market gave rise to the idea to organize a Roadshow, which was a series of presentations of the top quality SATEL devices and solutions.

The Czech Roadshow was held on 13-16 October 2014. During those four days, SATEL's specialists along with experts from the Euroalarm company, the exclusive distributors of SATEL products on the Czech market and the originators of the whole event, visited Prague, Brno, Plzen and Ceske Budejovice. In these four cities, presentations of SATEL devices and solutions were organized for installers from all over the Czech Republic.

SATEL's new products aroused keen interest from the participants who gathered in large numbers at the October meetings. They paid special attention to the pre-premiere presentation of two solutions. The first of them was the ACCO NET centrally managed access control system, which allows registration of up to 65 thousand users. The second of them was the VERSA Plus hybrid alarm control panel, on the basis of which it is possible to create a fully wireless alarm system.

In addition, the Installers paid much attention to the items included in the latest SATEL product offering related to convenient and intuitive management of the alarm system: the INT-TSI and INT-TSG touch keypads and the dedicated fully wireless VERSA-LCDM-WRL keypad, designed for use in conjunction with the new VERSA Plus control panel. Participants in the meetings were also interested in the details of the programming and operation of all of the above devices, as well as the alarm systems based on the control panels from the well-proven INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus families.

SATEL would like to thank the Euroalarm company for the fruitful cooperation within the framework of the Roadshow, and the Installers taking part in the event - for the warm welcome and active participation in the meetings.


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  The Czech Republic Roadshow 2014 Report


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