INT-TSI keypad awarded on the Dutch market!

Between 29 September - 02 October 2015, the Elektrotechniek 2015 fair was held in the Dutch city of Utrecht. During this event, award was given to the INT-TSI touchscreen keypad, which has already won many awards at various industry competitions.

During the Elektrotechniek 2015 fair, at the stand of the OSEC company, the Dutch distributor of SATEL's devices, numerous brand-new products were showcased, including the VERSA IP - the latest control panel from the VERSA family. Automation solutions that can be built based on the INTEGRA control panel were also presented.

The high-quality devices from SATEL were warmly received by the trade fair audience, gathered in great numbers at the OSEC stand. Our products were also appreciated by the jury of ETOP 2015 competition, the final round of which took place on the second day of the event. In this competition, awards are given to the security solutions characterized by innovation and modernity. These features perfectly describe the properties of the INT-TSI keypad, which won the award in the "Housing" category, or the devices that can be used in residential buildings. In support of its verdict, the jury of the competition underlined the importance of the unique design of the keypad, which fills the gap between the alarm system and the smart building automation. This solution allows for both free security management as well as convenient control of, for example, lighting, heating or roller shutters operation. It was also stressed that the INT-TSI offers broad possibilities for personalization of the user interface of intelligent alarm system that is based on the control panel of INTEGRA series. Such a solution enables both functions and appearance of the keypad to be tailored to the needs and preferences of individual users, including the elderly and children.

SATEL is thankful to have received the ETOP 2015 award, which confirms the quality of devices created by us and is an additional incentive to continue working on their development.

We also extend our special thanks to the OSEC company for successful promotion of SATEL's products on the Dutch market.


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  INT-TSI keypad awarded on the Dutch market!


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