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GPRS-A is a universal monitoring module, provided with GSM telephone, supporting data transmission using GPRS technology.

The device can work as part of intruder alarm systems as well as automation systems.

It provides reporting from the alarm control panel to the monitoring station and notifies the concerned parties about selected events.

Thanks to its configurable inputs that support analog signals, it can be used to supervise operation of any sensors measuring different physical quantities and report instances when the set thresholds are crossed.

For the module to interact with prepaid SIM cards, it has been provided with functions required to check the account balance and configure notifications of the balance falling below the minimum amount.

GPRS-A universal monitoring module

Full flexibility

The module can be successfully used in many existing and newly built systems. GPRS-A can receive information about events from the connected control panel and forward them to the monitoring stations at security agencies or to the parties concerned via the GSM network. The module connects to the control panel through the control panel dialer (the module simulates the monitoring station) or through appropriately configured control panel outputs connected to the module inputs.

The module can be used to implement remote control functions, such as arming the system or opening the gate, also using the mobile application. The state of module outputs can also be changed automatically in response to specific events.

GPRS-A can give a "new life" to some older alarm systems. It can also work as a stand-alone device, monitoring the state of various devices, automation systems, etc.

GPRS-A Event reporting - scheme

Event reporting

As regards reporting, information can be transmitted via:

  • GPRS – using TCP or UDP protocols
  • SMS messages

Where events are sent using GPRS technology, the module supports two transmission formats:

  • SIA-IP (for communication with any monitoring station)
  • SATEL (for communication with SATEL made devices: STAM-2 monitoring station or SMET-256 reporting converter)

Notification messaging

The GPRS-A module makes it possible to send notifications to up to 8 telephone numbers. This function can be implemented by using:

  • SMS messages
  • PUSH messages
  • CLIP service

The device can send notifications to the recipient through several independent paths. Since the event alert will be transmitted via all of the preprogrammed channels, the information will reach the recipient even when one of them turns out to be unavailable.

Remote control

GPRS-A has 4 outputs, including 2 relay and 2 OC type. They can be remotely controlled and activated in several ways from any location:

  • via SMS messages (from 8 numbers)
  • from GX CONTROL mobile application
  • from a computer with GX Soft program installed
  • using CLIP service (from as many as 10 000 numbers).
GPRS-A Remote control - scheme

Interaction with detection, measuring and other devices

The module inputs can be programmed as NO, NC or analog ones to work in conjunction with devices provided with NO or NC outputs, as well as with a number of analog sensors and digital-to-analog converters, which offers a great many possibilities for the module use.

The module will convert (rescale) the received analog signal to any unit of measure, including temperature or another physical quantity.

GPRS-A Collecting information from many modules

Collecting information from many modules in one place makes it possible to supervise, for example, a wind farm.

Mobile access

The application allows configuration:

  • verification of the state of inputs and outputs (of connected sensors and devices)
  • display of indications from analog inputs and digital sensors
  • viewing troubles with trouble memory clearing option
  • viewing event memory with filtering capability
  • remote control of module outputs (devices connected to them).

PUSH messages give the user permanent access to information.

Importantly, configuration of the application is very simple, and so is connection with the module. All you have to do is send an SMS from the application level to the device and receive the configuration data in response. Another, equally convenient way is to scan the QR code that is generated in the GX Soft program or in a preconfigured application.

Functional software

GX Soft is an advanced tool with a friendly and clear interface, intended for configuration as well as diagnostics of SATEL communication modules. The module and the program can interact locally
(via RS-232 (TTL)) or remotely (via GPRS).

GPRS-A Easy and secure connection - scheme

Easy and secure connection

Thanks to the SATEL connection set-up service, you can enjoy many functionalities of GX CONTROL and GX Soft. Configuration of communication between the application / program and the GPRS-A module takes just a few moments, without any need to use external IP address or advanced network settings. When being sent, the data are encrypted using a sophisticated algorithm to ensure security of the transmission.

Remote software update

GPRS-A is compatible with the UpServ program, which enables the device to be remotely updated. This allows the installer to quickly add new functionalities without having to physically visit the premises and dismount the module.

Universal monitoring module

Interaction with all control panels

  • programmable inputs
  • outputs with remote control capability
  • converting audio reporting (PSTN) into: SMS, GPRS

Support for open communication protocols (via GPRS):

  • MQTT

Remote output control

  • SMS
  • CLIP
  • GX CONTROL mobile application
  • GX Soft configuration program
  • IoT

GX Soft configuration program

  • intuitive interface
  • full module configuration
  • viewing event log
  • fault diagnostics


universal monitoring module

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GPRS-A universal monitoring module


GPRS-A is a universal monitoring module that can work as a stand-alone device or as part of intruder alarm systems as well as automation systems. The device is provided with a GSM telephone that supports data transmission in GPRS technology.

In the alarm systems, this module can be used to implement reporting, in conjunction with any alarm control panel. It connects to the control panel with the control panel dialer or appropriately configured outputs.

The device has 8 inputs, which can be set as digital (NO, NC) or analog. Those that work as analogue ones can be used in automation systems or to monitor a wide range of external devices, such as temperature, pressure and humidity sensors. Additionally, GPRS-A has a 1-Wire bus, to which up to 8 DS-T1 digital temperature sensors can be connected. The module can send measurement data using the MQTT, JSON, JSON/HTTP and MODBUS RTU open communication protocols, via GPRS. It is possible to create a server that will collect data from many modules. Gathered informations can be used for processing and visualization – e.g. to supervise environmental parameters prevailing in a group of cold stores, warehouses or production halls. This fits in with the concept of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). In response to exceeding the preset threshold values of signals on analog inputs or from 1-Wire sensors, GPRS-A may respond by reporting such events to the monitoring station or send a notification to the indicated users. It allows to program an automatic reaction consisting in changing the status of selected outputs, e.g. by switching on the heating system due to a significant temperature drop.

The module offers notifications of up to 8 users, in several ways: by using SMS or PUSH messages, or via the CLIP service.

The device has 4 programmable outputs that can be remotely controlled using SMS, CLIP, GX CONTROL mobile application or GX Soft configuration program, as well as via IoT. GPRS-A can thus be used to remotely control the alarm system or other devices connected to the module.

Programming and configuration is performed using computer with the GX Soft program. Connection with the module can be local, via RS-232 (TTL) port, or remote, by connecting to the device via GPRS.

Remote update of the device (its firmware) is possible thanks to the interaction with the UpServ program.

  • conversion of telephone reporting to SMS / GPRS formats
  • sending notifications to max. 8 phone numbers
  • notification messaging: SMS/CLIP/PUSH
  • 8 programmable inputs (NO/NC/analog)
  • 1-Wire digital temperature sensor bus (up to 8 sensors)
  • possibility to configure response to exceeded threshold values at:
    • analog inputs
    • 1-Wire sensors
  • input for supervision of AC voltage presence
  • 4 outputs (2 relay, 2 OC type) controlled via SMS / CLIP (up to 10 000 numbers) / GX CONTROL / GX Soft / via IoT
  • IoT - support for MQTT, JSON, JSON/HTTP, MODBUS RTU open protocols via GPRS
  • possibility to check pre-paid account balance and send notification if it drops below required minimum
  • configuration by using GX Soft program:
    • locally via RS-232 (TTL)
    • remotely via GPRS
  • support for GX CONTROL mobile application
  • remote firmware update capability
  • possibility of connecting a dedicated power supply unit: APS-412, APS-612
EN-50136 SP 5


general information manual
updated: 2021-12-15
2.26 MB
quick installer guide
updated: 2021-12-09
369 KB


compiled: 2021-11-02
compiled: 2021-12-10
compiled: 2018-03-02
compiled: 2022-05-05
compiled: 2021-10-05


EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2020-11-20
505 KB
EN-50136 SP 5
updated: 2021-09-30
184 KB

Technical Data

Environmental class
Number of OC outputs
Supply voltage
12 V DC
Number of inputs (zones)
Enclosure dimensions
83 x 65 x 23 mm
Operating temperature range
-10...+55 °C
Standby mode current consumption
80 mA
Max. current consumption
220 mA
110 g
Maximum humidity
Number of OC relay outputs
Outputs O1…O2 (OC type)
50 mA / 12 V DC
Outputs O3…O4 (relay, NO type)
1000 mA / 30 V DC
Maximum allowable AC input voltage
25 V AC

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