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Offer Manager


1. Creating and editing fire alarm system offers:

  • possibility of locating CSP fire alarm system devices on the basis of facility blueprints provided in the following formats: JPG, BMP, PNG;
  • adding and editing storeys in a facility;
  • automatic verification of the number and type of devices within a line (preventing incorrect location of detectors and manual call points within one line);
  • automatic verification of the number of fire sirens including the operation mode selection;
  • informing users about exceeding the maximum permissible number of devices in a system;
  • possibility to save a design and edit it after the Manager is restarted.

2. Calculation of the current balance for the devices integrated in the design and battery selection:

  • defining the total current consumption during supervision and alarm;
  • indicating a minimum battery capacity necessary for correct system operation;
  • other data regarding: fire siren operation mode and battery installation location.

3. Fire alarm system cost estimate:

  • checking current net prices suggested by manufacturers of devices available in the Manager;
  • adding own elements to an offer including facility preparation, wiring, installation costs and initial servicing cost;
  • providing own elements with: proper names, number of items, units of measurement and net prices;
  • individual arrangements concerning: profit margin, discount rates and VAT tax for individual items included in the cost estimate.

4. Generating fire alarm system design offers including:

  • title page;
  • fire alarm system plan with devices located as required;
  • price quotation;
  • descriptions and technical data of the devices included in a system in a form of a specification sheet;
  • system parameters;
  • possibility to save an offer and edit it after the Manager is restarted.

5. Printing offers

6. Detailed help to take full advantage of the Manager capabilities



  • Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8


The actual appearance of the products may differ from the presented images. Product descriptions are provided in the web service for information purposes only.


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compiled: 2014-05-30
compiled: 2015-03-30
compiled: 2014-05-30


Point heat and smoke multi-sensor detector
Point optical smoke detector
A1R point heat detector
Fire alarm control panel
Communication with a virtual panel module
Status indicator
Fire alarm control panel
Fire alarm control panel
Fire alarm control panel
Remote operation and signalling device – remote keypad
Remote operation and signalling device – remote keypad
Remote operation and signalling device – remote keypad
Remote operation and signalling device – remote keypad
External battery casing
Conventional mounting base for point fire detectors
Industrial base for detector sockets
Conventional manual call point (internal)
Conventional manual call point (external)
Mounting box for ROP (10-items)
Fire alarm siren (low base)
Fire alarm siren (high base)
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