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CONFX hardware configurator

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  • Easier and faster designing
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The CONFX hardware configurator is an easy and convenient everyday tool for the professionals who design alarm systems based on SATEL devices. The program has a clear and intuitive interface, which makes it possible for the design process to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

CONFX provides great flexibility and wide possibilities of creating and editing the design of alarm systems based on the INTEGRA, VERSA and PERFECTA family of control panels, and the MICRA module.

Discover the possibilities of the CONFX program

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helps in everyday work!

System validation mode

The program checks on a regular basis whether the devices to be added to the system are compatible with those already present in the project. After selecting the control panel model (with the system validation mode on), the program will prevent adding any devices that are not compatible with it.

Various installation options

You can replace the control panel with another one at any time, without having to remove all devices or closing the project. For incompatible devices, the program will display information that they must be replaced.

The current balance

The program calculates in real time the current balance of the whole system. It allows you to select the value criteria for current consumption count, calculates the total batteries capacity, monitor the power supplies output current summary and informs when it is exceeded.

Other useful design features and functions:

visualization of the detector range

ability to add devices freely (with the validation mode off)

ability to create a project without the selected project map

convenient preview of the properties and technical parameters of the given element

verification of the possibility of placing the given device in the selected enclosure

Easy searching

Convenient product filtering makes it possible to display in each category the elements marked with individual "flags":

  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • New
  • While stocks last
  • Archival
  • Coming soon
  • Wireless.

Individual touches

Very convenient is also the ability to define and personalize individual system elements, e.g. the appearance of points/devices on the project map, as well as adding your own logo to the created projects and documentation.

Quick pricing

Calculation of the costs of the alarm system in the CONFX program is extremely easy. The tool allows checking the current net prices of devices available in the configurator, as suggested by the manufacturer.

The margin, discount and VAT rates for individual cost items can be set individually. You can also add your own elements to the offer (e.g. cabling or installation / configuration costs), give them names, indicate number of pieces, units of measurement and net prices, as well as import your own price lists.

Ready to meet the client

The final stage of working with a given project is the ability to generate a PDF file, which – depending on your needs – may contain the following elements:

  • project map
  • arrangement of devices
  • description and technical data of the alarm system elements
  • cost estimate.

The document is an easy-to-understand summary of the order, useful when talking to the customer.

Efficient and convenient system configuration is provided by:

ability to use the touch screen

intuitive control with shortcuts keys

ability to scale up the work area to any dimension

work on several projects simultaneously using tabs (as in a browser)

work on the basis of project maps or without a map

easy adding and editing of levels

ability to customize the appearance of icons

work on Windows and macOS*


Detailed manual allows you to review the functionality of the configurator and take full advantage of its possibilities.

System requirements:

Device running Windows 7 (x86, x64) or newer

An Intel Pentium 4 (or AMD Athlon 64) processor or newer

512 MB RAM or more

Download the CONFX program for free

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download now



Creating and editing the alarm system hardware configurations:

  • ability to prepare a hardware configuration of alarm system based on specific control panel series (INTEGRA, VERSA or PERFECTA) as well as the MICRA alarm module
  • arrangement of system components on building plans (blueprints) prepared in the JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF formats
  • adding and editing levels/floors in the building
  • ability to arrange alarm system devices on the plan (map)
  • ability to view devices available for the selected control panel family or module (the device adding function can be blocked when the device cannot be connected to the currently created system because it is incompatible with the selected control panel)
  • ability to assign devices to the partitions
  • ability to save the configuration and edit it after restarting the Configurator

Calculating the system current balance:

  • ability to choose the value criteria for total current consumption calculation
  • calculation of the total battery capacity needed to back up the alarm system for a specified period of time
  • option to inform the user that the total output current of power supplies has been exceeded

Calculating the alarm system costs:

  • importing your own price lists and using them in a given calculation
  • adding your own items to the offer, such as cabling, installation cost, cost of the first service
  • entering proper names, number of pieces, units of measurement, net prices of your own components
  • setting individually the margin/mark-up, discount rate and VAT for each item of the cost estimate

Generating offers which include:

  • plan of the building and arrangement of devices
  • description and technical data of the system devices
  • system current balance
  • prices of selected devices
  • contractor's logo

Printing offers



  • computer running Windows 7 (x86, x64), or a newer operating system
  • processor Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64 or newer
  • 512 MB RAM or more


general information manual
updated: 2021-01-12
4.72 MB


Choose version:  
compiled: 2021-11-02
compiled: 2021-11-02
compiled: 2021-11-02
compiled: 2021-11-02
compiled: 2021-11-02


Advanced control panel with 4 up to 24 zones
Advanced control panel with 8 up to 32 zones
Advanced control panel with 16 up to 64 zones
Advanced control panel with 16 up to 128 zones
Intruder alarm control panel
Intruder alarm control panel
Intruder alarm control panel
Advanced control panel with ABAX wireless technology and GSM/GPRS communicator
Control panel
alarm module with GSM/GPRS communicator
EN50131 Grade 3 compliant alarm control panel main board, with 16 up to 64 zones and outputs
EN50131 Grade 3 compliant alarm control panel main board, with 16 up to 128 zones and outputs
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel mainboard, from 16 to 256 zones and outputs, compliant with the GRADE 3 standard
Control panel
Alarm control panel
Universal GPRS monitoring module
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel
Universal monitoring module
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel
Universal monitoring module
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel

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