Květnové školení specialistů z Ruska

In March 2014, two training courses for employees of redistribution companies from Russia were held at SATEL headquarters. They were organized in cooperation with the ARMO company, the exclusive distributor of SATEL’s products on the Russian market. On 10-15 March 2014, the training was attended by 13 representatives of the following companies: " Krona" (Moscow), "SB Arsenal" (Taganrog), "Alarma" (based in Volgograd and Astrakhan) and "Wolkodaw" (Ufa). Two weeks later, on 24-29 March, more than 8 specialists from such companies as "MIG-KSB" (Moscow), "TITAN" (St. Petersburg), "Grumant" (Novosibirsk) and "Bezopasnyj mir" (Rostov-on-Don) underwent the training.

The technical training for both groups included the issues of operation and configuration of devices from INTREGRA, ABAX and MICRA families, as well as monitoring components. Solutions in the area of home automation were also demonstrated. Among the many products presented, the INT-TSI touch screen keypad aroused the greatest interest of the Russian specialists. Recognition by the Russians comes as no surprise - this device, despite being a new addition to the market, has already been awarded the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair!

In addition to workshops, the training for both groups also included a visit to the Company's laboratory, tool room, warehouses, as well as a tour of SATEL design and production departments at Budowlanych Street in Gdańsk. Thus the Russian specialists were able to see for themselves that SATEL's brand equipment and solutions are of the highest quality. The last point of both meetings was presenting the training completion certificates to the participants.

The visit of Russian experts was also a great opportunity to show them the native region of SATEL. Specially for the participants of the training a tour was arranged to show them the attractions of Pomerania: the guests visited the Tricity conurbation and the Malbork castle.

These two March training courses were the subsequent ones in a series of scheduled meetings for experts from the Russian market, carried out in collaboration with ARMO, which has been for many years very active in Russia, putting a strong emphasis on education of the Customers in the field of SATEL's smart alarm systems. Reports from the previous visits of specialists of Russian redistribution companies are available here. The next two training sessions are scheduled for June 2014.


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