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Introduction of CSP - a new SATEL product group

It is 18 September 2013, 12:30 p.m. The Windsor Conference Centre in Jachranka is filling with guests invited to participate in the ceremony of complementing the SATEL offer with the CSP Fire Alarm System.
Over 60 persons arrived to participate in the presentation led by Maciej Domagalski (Training Specialist) and Adam Macholl (Product Manager CSP). They included Distributors extending their offers with the CSP system, Integrators, Security Specialists from the banking industry as well as representatives of industry and industry-related magazines.
HYPERLINK "http://www.satel.eu/pl/cat/612" CSP

Its first part included a short history of the SATEL development, consistent actions based on the strategy elaborated over 20 years ago and the final result, i.e. a company employing over 250 persons, operating a highly-developed machinery park, product offer containing over 300 devices dedicated for electronic security solutions and powerful export drive towards 60 countries all over the world. For over 20 years, our company has been gaining experience in designing and manufacturing advanced devices for securing different types of facilities, which constitutes a basis for rising to an interesting challenge, i.e. entering a new SATEL brand operation area. We provided our guests with a timeline depicting the stages of developing the CSP fire alarm system. We informed them how a team of specialists had been created to provide, on the basis of market research, clients' expectations and requirements and current fire protection equipment market trends, assumptions and strategies connected with the new SATEL product group. At the end of the first part of the presentation, we discussed given devices comprising a state-of-the-art conventional CSP fire alarm system. Now, we would like to highlight the fact that the system has all required general certificates and product acceptance certificates making it possible to launch it on the market.

The second part of the presentation was devoted to a detailed description of the issues connected with not only the devices themselves, but also all actions taken by SATEL to start production of CSP equipment which, according to applicable standards and Acts, belongs to the construction products group. Among others, products of this type require implementing the Plant Production Control system within a company. In 2012, this system underwent an audit in Satel, which confirmed that all production quality procedures are correct. The SATEL quality policy is based on testing 100% of devices leaving an assembly line, prior to sending them to a warehouse and, as follows, to points of sales. This system guarantees that each device leaving our company is faultless and positively verified for its functionality and all technical parameters. Equipment efficiency is tested by means of testers specially designed for this purpose by SATEL specialists. A dedicated tester is prepared for each product group.

The main attraction of this part of the presentation was the demonstration of a production tester used for final verification of all parameters of fire control panels and CSP remote panels. During the meeting, our guests had a chance to experience the process of CSP-208 control panel testing.

Another important element of the presentation was the demonstration of number of innovations introduced by SATEL specialists in CSP devices. The requirements for developing products from this group are detailed in applicable standards. SATEL has decided to exceed this standard and provided its Clients with amenities which clearly differentiate the CSP on the fire protection equipment market in this device class. They include: signal lines allowing to install up to 26 sirens in the system; remote panels facilitating system supervision and control from a place located even 1 km away from a control panel installation point; CSP-ETH module facilitating remote system supervision from any location all over the world; savings regarding system maintenance thanks to introducing solutions making it possible to use a single battery; execution of a single-person system operational efficiency test. SATEL specialists have also designed the unique SWIRL chamber and a high-grade stainless steel filter enhancing detector resistance to soiling and entry of insects into the chamber. Additionally, the algorithm used in smoke detectors facilitates the detector auto-diagnostics function enabling a system user to identify a moment during which a detector requires maintenance. These solutions are unique in this device class. Special attention should also be paid to the free tool dedicated to fire alarm systems Designers and Installers, i.e. the SSPX Offer Manager. Most of all, this software allows to create a full offer based on CSP devices. Additionally, the Manager selects a correct battery for a designed system. It also enables users to print out a complete offer with specification sheets and devices located on a facility blueprint.

The final part of the presentation included SATEL development plans connected with the fire alarm systems branch. Thanks to this strategic step, the SATEL brand has definitely strengthened its position on the broadly-defined electronic security measures market.

Photos courtesy of Systemy Alarmowe magazine editorial office.



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