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Een recept voor succes van SATEL, en de samenvatting van 2013

SATEL news

Very active in the past year were marketing departments. Thanks to the efforts of the export department, SATEL introduced its products into four new markets: Albania, Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Madagascar. Firms from these countries joined the numerous group of SATEL's foreign partners, currently including Distributors from 56 countries.

The Company's offer was also presented by our export trade Consultants at six international trade fairs: INTERSEC (in Dubai, United Arab Emirates), IFSEC (in England), BEZPEKA (in Ukraine), SFITEX and MIPS (both in Russia), and also at SECURITY EXPO (in Bulgaria). When performing their duties, the export department employees spent hundreds of hours on business trips.

SATEL is growing equally rapidly in the domestic market, where it has been present for almost 25 years. Every year the cooperation with Polish Distributors and Installers is becoming increasingly fruitful for both parties. This is taken care of by the Coordinators of domestic market development, who in 2013 covered a total distance of over 200,000 kilometers on the Polish roads with the purpose to maintain professional contact  between SATEL and the group of domestic partners, counting already 53 companies (with multiple locations throughout Poland), and ensure smooth cooperation.

In 2013, SATEL offered its customers as many as 426 products, 23 of which were components of the CSP fire alarm system – the newest family of devices, which joined our product offering just last year. In total, in 2013 SATEL introduced as many as 45 new products! It is not surprising then that the employees involved in training and workshops were also very active. The SATEL Academy was attended by 126 people, while the training courses organized for distributors and installers in Poland – by as many as 599 participants!

An important part of SATEL's activities is also the eduSatel – an original, innovative course of study in the field of Intrusion and Hold-up Alarm Systems for medium and higher technical schools. In 2013, this project was joined by three new educational institutions: the Group of Vocational & Technical Schools in Turek, the Group of Schools in Opole, and the State Higher Vocational School & Technical Institute in Nowy Sącz.

Million products in 12 months

However, the most impressive are the data related to the performance of production departments. In 2013, SATEL manufactured for the domestic and foreign markets over one million devices, including mainly control panels, detectors, sirens and GSM/GPRS modules.

The dynamic development, high quality products and introduced innovations also directly translated into increased Customers' interest in the SATEL company. In 2013 the www.satel.eu website was visited by almost 0.5 million, while the mieszkajbezpiecznie.pl portal – by over 38 thousand people! The internet users showed great interest in the configuration programs, which were made available on both sites. Based on the Alarm System Configurator available at mieszkajbezpiecznie.pl, 5849 configurations were created in 2013, which means an average of as many as 478 every month ! The documents available at www.satel.eu enjoyed even greater popularity: last year the total number of downloads amounted to almost 914 thousand for manuals, and more than 416 thousand for freeware programs, of which the Configurator of the CONFX alarm system was downloaded in total 6,962 times and the SSPX offer Configurator – 459 times.

SATEL's Customers are also keen on using the mobile applications which allow remote management of alarm system components. This applies particularly to the dedicated MobileKPD-2 program for INTEGRA control panels, which in the Pro version offers the ability to manage not only security, but also home automation.


We thank all our Customers and Partners for a fruitful year 2013. May 2014 be equally successful!


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