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Intruder alarms

ABAX Two-way wireless system

Two-way wireless ABAX system is a solution offered by SATEL for alarm systems in projects where laying cables required for proper system operation might be cumbersome or even impossible.









Standards compatibility

ABAX system has been designed as a wireless solution for INTEGRA and VERSA control panels. In combination with that equipment it offers its full functionality. Compliance with standard requirements is confirmed by certificates issued by independent laboratories. A European certificate confirms compliance with EN 50131 (Grade 2).

Compliance with rigorous standards


with rigorous standards


Advanced technology

By utilising bidirectional radio communication ABAX system ensures security level until recently only offered by traditional hard-wired systems. Extraordinary reliability of ABAX data transmissions is owed primarily to confirmations of all key messages transferred between the main system components. In order to maximise security, every piece of information transferred by a wireless link is encrypted, so a risk of interfering with data traffic is minimised.

Energy saving

Advanced energy saving features implemented by SATEL engineers ensure long-term operation of ABAX equipment without necessity to replace their batteries - up to 3 years depending on configuration.

Even 3 years without battery replacement

Even 3 years

without battery replacement




Operation in a harmonised 868 MHz band

Reliable communication thanks to using "clean" band

Compliance with EN50131 European standard

Ability to implement ABAX system wherever EN50131 Grade 2 compliance is required

Bidirectional transmission with confirmations

Reliability of alert signal transmissions from detectors to the control panel

Digital encrypted communication

Effective protection against intentional data falsification

Advanced energy management

Long operation time on one battery set (up to 3 years without replacement)

Remote configuration of wireless equipment

Easy configuration adjustments not requiring physical access

Availability of diagnostic tools

Selecting optimal installation location and configuring equipment made easy to the installer

Wide range of available ABAX equipment

Ability to build both simple and complex systems, including smart systems, based entirely on wireless technology

Jamming attempts detection

Ability of early reaction to attempts of intentional jamming of wireless transmissions

Long range of wireless communication

Ability to build extensive wireless systems (range in open terrain up to 500 m)

Remote activation of the testing function

Big facilitation of periodic system testing


Application versatility

Wide range of available ABAX equipment includes not only intrusion detectors such as movement detectors (PIR and dual PIR+microwave), and magnetic detectors. Offer also includes auxiliary equipment like smoke and heat sensors and versatile remote control keyfobs. Complex ABAX offer is complemented with dedicated sirens: indoor and outdoor. Thanks to such a rich offer this system can be successfully used for both complex alarm systems and smart solutions providing combination of security, energy saving and comfort.

ABAX | Application versatility


Flexible enhancements

The heart of ABAX system is the wireless controller. There is a choice of two devices: ACU-120 and
ACU-270, which provide an interface between control panels and wireless devices. These controllers are designed for the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus, VERSA and VERSA Plus control panels, and enable wireless expansion of those systems. ABAX system may be also built with a panel INTEGRA 128-WRL, which combines functionalities of an advanced control panel with GSM notifications and wireless controller in one advanced device. Single controller may serve up to 48 pieces of wireless equipment. If a more extensive system is needed, several controllers with partially or totally overlapping range may be used.
If the controllers are connected to INTEGRA or VERSA control panels it is possible to use a bus interface. Using ABAX system with other control panels, also from other manufacturers, enables to used configurable inputs and outputs of the module. For this reason ABAX system is a perfect solution for extending already existing wired alarm system.

ABAX | Flexible enhancements


Easy installation

A huge advantage of the ABAX system is its easy installation and configuration. Despite using advanced technology, installation activities are kept at minimum. Registering new piece of equipment is limited to entering its serial number provided on a label and inserting a battery or starting up a sabotage. The controller automatically recognises type of the newly added device and proposes default settings, while enabling to alter them for specific needs.

ABAX | Intuitive configuration

Intuitive configuration

Configuration of an ABAX wireless system may be carried out with an LCD input panel or a computer with DLOAD software.

Extensive diagnostics

Considerable advantage of the ABAX system is provided by its extensive diagnostic tools which not only allow to verify usage of ABAX frequency band (868 MHz) but also enable quality evaluation of long-term communication with individual wireless devices.

System building is additionally facilitated by the signal level tester dedicated for the ABAX system (ARF-100). It allows to easily test quality of wireless communication at a selected spot. Communication is tested in both directions, taking into account simulation of various device types, both battery-powered and with own power supply units.

ABAX | Extensive diagnostics

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