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30 years of experience

Since 1990…

Our mission is to make our individual and corporate customers feel secure, as well as to reach higher
and higher standards in the area of people and property safety. Our workers do their best to ensure
that all the products of the SATEL trademark offer high comfort of usage and improve your life.

Quality management

100% of tested products

The words QUALITY and INNOVATION we in SATEL write with capital letters.
Therefore, starting form product design, through the prototype stage, during manufacture
till final product is made we test all our equipment regularly.


Environmentally friendly Company

The aim of the program is promotion of the sustainable development idea,
i.e. management of an enterprise based on environmentally friendly methods.
Together with AURAEKO we take care for introducing to the market products
which will never make a threat to environment.


World top standard manufacture

More than 90% of production processes is done on an automated assembling line. The line consists
among the others of modern, efficient, computer-aided Japan devices supplied by the JUKI Company.
This equipment enables us to put components of 0.6 x 0.3 mm size on printed-circuit board
(the smallest manufactured components all over the world).

About Us

SATEL is a 100% private Polish capital-owned company active in designing, production and sale of high-quality electronic alarm system devices. The product range includes control panels, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, radio controllers and switching mode power supplies.

Both hardware and firmware is based on innovative technological solutions, entirely developed by SATEL's expert engineering staff of the in-house R+D department. Constant investment in new technologies paved the way to the company's leading market position. Moreover, the ability to recognize and satisfy customers' needs contributes to the growth in living standard of products' users.

SATEL's machine park manufactured by leading world producers and almost entirely automated production process cater for perfect reliability of all products. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and continuous cooperation with suppliers of best electronic components safeguard highest quality of manufactured devices. Outstanding machine park efficiency and its versatility allow the company to maintain a competitive edge on the entire range of products.

With SATEL quality is regarded as the paramount issue, every product must meet a vast number of requirements in each phase of existence, from design through prototyping and production, as well as undergo comprehensive testing, thanks to which it possesses an optimal features, such as perfect reliability, ease of installation and user-friendly operation. All the above mentioned measures form the company's ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control system.

SATEL products have won international acclaim among distributors, installers, surveillance organizations and end users. The authorized distribution network is constituted by national and international partners from over sixty countries, the latter resulting in dynamic export growth.

To our customers we provide competent service and support, we offer an installer support call center, internet discussion forum, direct contact with the sales department and an opportunity to meet representatives and management of the company at major fairs of the security industry. Feedback information from our customers undergoes thorough analysis to impinge on development and enrichment of products.

Ever since it started in 1990 the company has constantly developed, which has triggered significant growth in employment. At present SATEL staff comprises over 300 dedicated specialists, who constantly strive for excellence in every aspect of their activities. Effective cooperation in friendly atmosphere contributes to the rising level of customer satisfaction, which in turn constitutes the company's market success.



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