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30 years of experience

Since 1990…

Our mission is to make our individual and corporate customers feel secure, as well as to reach higher
and higher standards in the area of people and property safety. Our workers do their best to ensure
that all the products of the SATEL trademark offer high comfort of usage and improve your life.

Quality management

100% of tested products

The words QUALITY and INNOVATION we in SATEL write with capital letters.
Therefore, starting form product design, through the prototype stage, during manufacture
till final product is made we test all our equipment regularly.


Environmentally friendly Company

The aim of the program is promotion of the sustainable development idea,
i.e. management of an enterprise based on environmentally friendly methods.
Together with AURAEKO we take care for introducing to the market products
which will never make a threat to environment.


World top standard manufacture

More than 90% of production processes is done on an automated assembling line. The line consists
among the others of modern, efficient, computer-aided Japan devices supplied by the JUKI Company.
This equipment enables us to put components of 0.6 x 0.3 mm size on printed-circuit board
(the smallest manufactured components all over the world).

Privacy policy

I. General:

  • All personal data provided in the forms on the Satel.pl website pages is collected, processed and used exclusively by 
    SATEL sp. z o. o. based in 66 Budowlanych Street, 80-298, Gdańsk for administrative and statistical purposes according to the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016. This data will not be made available to other entities.
  • Usage of the www.satel.eu website means your acceptance of the Privacy Policy rules.


II. Information regarding cookies:


1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small-size files saved and stored on end devices (computer, tablet or smartphone) when Users visit different websites. Cookies usually contain the name of their website of origin, time of their existence and a randomly generated unique number used to identify the browser connecting with a given website.
Most cookies are the so-called session cookies automatically removed from a hard drive when a given session is over, i.e. after logout or closing the browser window. Some cookies facilitate User recognition during future visits on a given website, i.e. they are not automatically removed and the system saves them on end devices.

2. Cookies on www.satel.eu

The www.satel.eu website uses performance cookies facilitating collection of information as regards the website usage in order to ensure its better performance and functional cookies enabling the website to remember Users' settings. They include:

  • cookies collecting anonymous data for statistical purposes (google-analytics.com);
  • cookies storing personal data after logging in (session cookies): information regarding logged in users (translators) and data regarding enrolment for courses or participation in contests;
  • cookies storing personal data after logging in the support section or on demand of users without support accounts. They facilitate future completion of service request forms;
  • session cookies (expiring when a session is closed) used when a User logs in a website panel;
  • cookies showing that the satel.pl Privacy Policy has been accepted.

3. Possibilities of Users' adjustments regarding cookies on the www.satel.eu. website

A User may set a level of protection against cookies in their browser up to the maximum level, i.e. blocking cookies. This enhances data safety and security, however, may also hinder usage of the www.satel.eu. website. Lack of adjustment of these settings means User's consent for cookies used on www.satel.eu.
Thus a User may configure their browser so that it rejects all cookies, does not reject cookies or displays messages informing about the fact that cookies are sent from a server. Following their visit on www.satel.eu, a User may also remove temporary files saved during a session on their end device.
Each browser available on the market provides cookies management functionalities. Thus, before a User decides to block cookies, they should first become familiar with the cookies management method offered by their browser.


III. Other information regarding the Privacy Policy:

  1. If a User has signed up for our newsletter or has been added to the subscribers' base for a different reason, their data will be used to send our newsletter.
  2. The personal data (name, surname, e-mail address) collected in forms is only used for contact purposes.
  3. We do our utmost to protect the Satel.pl website against unauthorised access of third parties and control our methods of collecting, storing and processing information. Our protective measures include the firewall, server protection devices, encryption devices and physical safety measures. Access to data is only granted to our personnel and entities which must have this access in order to process it only for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy.
  4. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy by publishing a new Policy on this webpage.



Mobile Applications

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Privacy Policy for VERSA CONTROL (28.02.2017)

Privacy Policy for PERFECTA CONTROL (28.02.2017)

Privacy Policy for GX CONTROL (30.06.2017)

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