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New spring products 2019

ABAX 2 is a new version of the two-way wireless system that allows comprehensive protection of the building and the area around it, as well as implementation of the building automation tasks. It works perfectly as a wireless extension for alarm systems based on the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA control panels. It can also work in combination with any control panel, automation controller or in the stand-alone mode.

ABAX 2 allows reliable communication between devices, which in turn translates into a high level of security, until recently only available in traditional wired systems. Four separate channels in the 868 MHz frequency band has been used. The radio system of ABAX 2 devices is constantly monitoring the level of interference in each of them, so that the channel that is currently least loaded can be automatically selected when sending data. In this way, ABAX 2 effectively uses the 868 MHz frequency band, while gaining unprecedented high interference immunity. The use of encrypted two-way radio communication between individual devices and its increased range (up to 2000 m in the open area) make ABAX 2 a solution that you can rely on. In addition, energy management mechanisms have been applied to allow uninterrupted operation of the battery-powered devices for up to 8 years without having to replace the batteries. Other distinctive features of ABAX 2 that deserve mentioning include its advanced diagnostics, as well as remote firmware update and device configuration capability.

The product offering includes detectors of various types (indoor and outdoor motion detectors, as well as glass break, smoke, flood, and temperature detectors), sirens and bi-directional remote control keyfobs. In addition, controllers for implementation of the smart home function are available. New wireless keypads for the INTEGRA control panels (INT-KWRL2) and VERSA control panels (VERSA-KWRL2) can also work as part of the ABAX 2 system.

The ABAX 2 alarm devices
meet the requirements of EN 50131 Grade 2.

See our animations

ABAX 2 wireless system

Four communication channels

AES encryption

ABAX 2 is not the only new addition – more new products will go on sale this spring:

New alarm control panels of the PERFECTA-T series (in wired and wireless version) with an integrated PSTN telephone dialer.



MSD-350 – a certified autonomous smoke detector that can also work as part of 433 MHz wireless systems (e.g. with the PERFECTA control panels)




indoor flood probe for the AXD-200 universal detector


ACU-280 controller electronics holder for the OPU-4 P enclosure


replaceable key cover with color pictograms for APT-200, MPT-300, MPT-350 keyfobs


enclosure cover with LR (long-range) Fresnel lens for APD-200, APMD-250 detectors


enclosure cover with CT type Fresnel lens (vertical curtain) for APD-200, APMD-250 detectors


flat-blade screwdriver
(0.3x1.8x40 mm)



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  New spring products 2019

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