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Mobile application for remote control of the INTEGRA alarm system

INTEGRA CONTROL is an application for remote control of the intelligent alarm system based on the INTEGRA/INTEGRA Plus control panels. It enables convenient operation of the system both in terms of security and automation functions.

The application offers full functionality of the alarm system control keypad, allowing you, for example, to arm and disarm the system, view events and alarms, or check the current system status. What’s more, you can even program the system using the virtual keypad available in the app. The application can connect to the control panel using the SATEL connection setup service. It provides a secure, encrypted connection without the need of having an external IP address for the control panel. All these features make everyday operation safe, convenient, and possible from any location in the world.

INTEGRA CONTROL also enables management of the system automation functions. It makes the control of heating, lighting, air conditioning, watering and other components of building automation quite simple and intuitive. In addition, the app support macro commands that let you run scenarios, containing multiple sequences of actions. To trigger them, just tap a single button on your smartphone or tablet.

If your system is equipped with temperature detectors or ABAX 2 devices with built-in temperature sensors, the app can display read values.

Moreover, you can access video feed from any external IP camera.

Another important function that is featured in INTEGRA CONTROL is support for push notifications. Thanks to them, both the user and the installer can receive information about events, either all or selected ones. You can also disable them altogether. As this service runs in the background, the recipient is informed in real-time about what is happening in the system. Additionally, the app supports critical alerts on iOS.

You can create shortcuts to selected functions of INTEGRA CONTROL, and then add them to your home screen. This allows you to quickly issue commands without having to open the app. Shortcuts can be run with voice commands given to either Google Assistant or Siri.

  • control of the INTEGRA/INTEGRA Plus alarm system
  • full functionality of the alarm system control keypad, including
  • support for building automation functions
  • video feed from external IP cameras
  • secure and encrypted 192-bit connection with the control panel
  • support for configurable push notifications
  • possibility of using secure, encrypted communication with the system via the SATEL connection setup service*
  • clear and intuitive user interface

Recommended hardware setup that allows you to use all the available functions in INTEGRA CONTROL 6.0:

  • INTEGRA 1.21 or later

equipped with at least one of the following communication modules:

  • ETHM-1 Plus 2.09 or later
  • INT-GSM LTE 2.03 or later
  • INT-GSM 1.05 or later

INTEGRA CONTROL is additionally supported by the ETHM-1 communication module. However, this device does not support all the available functions: push notifications, critical alerts, and shortcuts.


  • The INTEGRA CONTROL application uses the access to the phone camera only to scan QR codes.
  • The user data transported through the QR code are encrypted. The QR code is protected by a user-defined password.
  • Additionally, the INTEGRA CONTROL application does not store, process and/or collect any other user data that can potentially be located in the user’s phone resources.
  • Our Privacy Policy

*estimated access to the service: 98% of the time per year

The actual appearance of the products may differ from the presented images. Product descriptions are provided in the web service for information purposes only.


general information manual
updated: 2023-10-20
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general information manual
updated: 2023-08-29
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Choose version:  
compiled: 2016-07-04
compiled: 2021-06-14
compiled: 2016-07-05
compiled: 2018-08-10
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Advanced control panel with 4 up to 24 zones
Advanced control panel with 8 up to 32 zones
Advanced control panel with 16 up to 64 zones
Advanced control panel with 16 up to 128 zones
Advanced control panel with ABAX wireless technology and GSM/GPRS communicator
EN50131 Grade 3 compliant alarm control panel main board, with 16 up to 64 zones and outputs
EN50131 Grade 3 compliant alarm control panel main board, with 16 up to 128 zones and outputs
Alarm control panel mainboard, from 16 to 256 zones and outputs, compliant with the GRADE 3 standard

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