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outdoor PIR+MW dual-tech motion detector


Zewnętrzne dualne czujki ruchu PIR+MW - OPAL Pro

When planning an alarm system, one should not focus solely on detecting the presence of an intruder inside the protected premises. It is equally or perhaps even more important that he be detected before causing any damage to the building. Such an attempt to penetrate the outer zone of protected premises will be detected by the OPAL detectors.

Reliable detection
owing to advanced design

  • reliable operation
  • active IR anti-masking
  • immunity to pets
  • tamper protection against removal from mounting surface and opening of enclosure
  • high resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • can be used in building automation systems, thanks to built-in dusk sensor
  • selectable mounting method, thanks to dedicated ball-type and angle-type brackets
  • easy remote sensitivity configuration of all detection circuits and dusk sensor using OPT-1 keyfob


OPAL Pro - zastosowanie

OPAL Pro provide excellent outdoor protection in buildings of various types and purpose. These devices will also perform very well as the indoor protection in industrial buildings where difficult or specific environmental conditions prevail (in halls, shelters, sheds etc.).

The OPAL series detectors can also be used for the implementation of alarm systems with home automation. This is made possible by a dusk sensor with which OPAL Plus and OPAL Pro are fitted. You can directly control the relays located in electrical distribution board or the automation controllers. These detectors can also interface with the KNX system via an INTEGRA series control panel, which allows you to easily and conveniently control the roller shutters, exterior lighting of the building, garage door, entrance gate, etc. The moment of operation can be selected through fine sensitivity adjustment.

Operating range

Detection angle of the OPAL detectors is as high as 100 degrees and their range exceeds 15 m. The look down zone is also protected, so any intruder's attempt to creep up on the device to damage it or tear off the wall will be detected. Additionally, the detector software is designed so as to prevent false alarms from being triggered by the movement of small pets.

OPAL Pro - zasięgi działania

Resistance to weather conditions

The SATEL outdoor detectors offer stable performance regardless of whether they work in rain, in bright sunlight, during strong gusts of wind or in very high or very low temperatures. This functionality is provided by a combination of dual technology of detection and an algorithm of auto-adaptation to environmental conditions with automatic compensation for changes in ambient temperature. Resistance of the OPAL series detectors to severe weather conditions has been confirmed in comprehensive long-term tests.

Anti-masking protection

OPAL Pro - antymasking

OPAL Pro is provided with an active IR anti-masking function, so it will detect any attempt to cover the detector lens with paint or lacquer, or with materials of different thickness, color and texture.

Detector design

OPAL Pro - konstrukcja

High quality of the detectors of OPAL series results from combining the latest technology and many years' experience of SATEL specialists in the design and production of devices for intrusion and hold-up alarm systems. This is evidenced by the design of detectors, both their electronics and the enclosure itself.

OPAL Pro - obudowa

Enclosures of the detectors are made of a combination of polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer using two-component injection technology. The thus obtained design is IP54 rated, which makes the detectors splash-proof and suitable for outdoor applications as well. The enclosure protects electronic circuits of the device against potentially harmful phenomena, such as rain, snow, fog or moisture. Moreover, the detectors are characterized by a high mechanical strength and resistance to UV radiation, so their appearance remains unchanged for many years.

Useful features and extra components

Remote configuration of sensitivity

A big help for the installer is the ability to remotely change the sensitivity of all detection circuits and dusk sensor in OPAL Plus and OPAL Pro detectors by using the OPT-1 IR keyfob. This feature makes the control easy, as you do not need any more to frequently open the device enclosure to do the job. The CR2032 battery powered keyfob ensures several thousand adjustments.

Dedicated brackets types:


Ball-joint swivel


Mounting method

Design of the OPAL series detectors enables them to be mounted directly on a flat surface, e.g. when the pet immunity option will be used. If, however, the detector needs to be mounted at another angle for the optimum coverage of the protected area, you can use the BRACKET C or BRACKET E set of dedicated brackets.

The ball-joint bracket, available in BRACKET C and BRACKET E, allows you to swivel the detector in two planes: up to 60° vertically and up to 90° horizontally. This makes it easier to find the optimal position relative to the protected area. However, if the premises require that the detector be set permanently at an angle of 45° relative to the wall, the angle bracket can be used.

The use of the modular bracket set (BRACKET E) allows distancing the detector from the wall surface - even by over a dozen centimeters - which will prevent limitation of the detection area by: cornice, external blind, cable gutters, lamp, gutter or wall unevenness. This holder also allows the detector to be installed e.g. on a soffit under the eaves of the roof.


In the case of devices installed outdoors, it is extremely important to guarantee the security and reliability of their operation. For this reason, the above mentioned brackets are designed so that the cable which connects the detector to the control panel is running inside them. This makes the whole system both secure and aesthetic.

Protective hood

Where the detector must be additionally protected against weather and soiling, the HOOD C protection can be used. Installation of this protective hood is extremely easy - just mount it directly on the detector enclosure with two snap catches, without using any tools at all.

Tamper protection

Regardless of which type of bracket is used, the detectors of OPAL series will always be protected against opening and removing them from the mounting surface. This protection is provided by two tamper switches located on the PCB and a specially designed contact that can be mounted in the ball bracket or at the back panel of the detector (if the angle bracket is used).

Summary of features and characteristics

Two detection circuits: PIR+MW + + + +
Active IR anti-masking according to EN 50131-2-4 for Grade 3 - - +* -
Anti-masking in microwave circuit + + - -
Built-in dusk sensor enabling the detector to be used in automation systems - + + +
Built-in receiver of IR OPT-1 keyfob signal - + + -
Remote sensitivity configuration of detection circuits and dusk sensor with OPT-1 keyfob without having to open detector enclosure - + + -
Sensitivity configuration of dusk sensor by using PCB located buttons - + + -
Sensitivity configuration of detection circuits by using PCB buttons + + + -
Remote sensitivity configuration of detection circuits and dusk sensor from DLOADX - - - +
Reinforced polycarbonate enclosure + + + +
Splash-proof enclosure, IP54 rated + + + +
Digital temperature compensation + + + +
Auto-tuning algorithm for high immunity to false alarms + + + +
Ability to work in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, strong wind) + + + +
Tamper protection (against opening and removal) + + + +
Low current consumption + + + +
Dedicated angle-type bracket (45°) + + + +
Dedicated ball-type bracket (tilting up to 60° vertically and up to 90° horizontally) + + + +
Dedicated protective Hood + + + +
Wires running inside the bracket for better protection + + + +
Optional installation without any additional bracket + + + +
White enclosure front back + + + +
Gray enclosure front back + + + +

* for indoor applications


OPAL Pro is an outdoor dual technology motion detector, which is ideally suited for use both outside of the protected building, and in the interiors where difficult or specific environmental conditions prevail (halls, shelters, sheds etc.). The OPAL Pro detector incorporates dual technology motion detection: PIR and MW. It also uses active IR anti-masking (for indoor use). Therefore, the device has a certificate of compliance with the high security requirements specified in EN 50131 for Grade 3: the detector can be used to protect the interiors of medium to high risk premises, like banks, museums, jewelry stores, etc.

The dual technology, in conjunction with the algorithm of detector auto-tuning to the environmental conditions, provides high immunity to false alarms and hence stable operation in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sunshine and strong gusts of air. The device offers correct performance in a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to + 55°C, the ambient temperature changes being automatically compensated.

Detection angle of the OPAL Pro detector is as wide as 100 degrees and its range exceeds 15 m. The creep zone is also protected, so any intruder's attempt to sneak by under the device to damage or remove it will be detected. Additionally, the detector software is designed so as to prevent false alarms from being triggered by the movement of small pets.

Additionally, the OPAL Pro detector is provided with a dusk sensor for OC output control, which enables it to be used also in alarm systems with home automation without having to install additional dusk detectors. The signal from the low-current output can be sent directly to the relay located in the electrical switchboard or to the home automation controller. The detector can also work in conjunction with the KNX system via an INTEGRA family control panel. Thus, the OPAL Pro functionality makes possible simple and convenient control of roller shutters, building outdoor lighting, garage door or entrance gate etc., while the moment of operation can be selected with the precise sensitivity control.

What greatly facilitates the installer's work is the function of remote change of the sensitivity of all detection circuits and dusk sensor with the OPT-1 keyfob, without having to re-open the detector enclosure many times to change the settings.

What is also unique is the device enclosure, which is made using the two-component injection molding technology. The thus received splash-proof, IP54 rated design protects the OPAL Pro electronics against harmful atmospheric phenomena. In addition, the detector enclosure has high mechanical strength and is resistant to UV radiation. For additional protection of the device against atmospheric precipitation and fouling, you can install the HOOD C (white) or HOOD C GY (gray) protective cover on the detector enclosure.

The OPAL Pro detector is designed for mounting directly on a flat surface. If the detector is to be turned vertically or tilted horizontally, you can use special angle-type or ball-joint type brackets from the BRACKET C set (white) or BRACKET C GY set (gray), and also from the BRACKET E set.

To increase the detector's distance from the wall, even by over a dozen centimeters, it is necessary to use the BRACKET E modular set.

The OPAL Pro detectors are available in two color versions: white (OPAL Pro) and gray (OPAL Pro GY).

  • two detection circuits: PIR and microwave
  • active IR anti-masking for indoor applications
  • built-in dusk sensor to use the detector in automation systems
  • configuration of detection and dusk sensor sensitivity circuits using PCB buttons
  • built-in receiver of OPT-1 IR keyfob signal
  • remote configuration of detection and dusk sensor sensitivity circuits using OPT-1 keyfob without having to open detector enclosure
  • splash-proof polycarbonate enclosure, IP54 rated
  • tamper protection against opening and removal from mounting surface
  • digital temperature compensation for correct detector operation in temperature range from -40°C to +55°C
  • can be used in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, strong wind)
  • high immunity to false alarms as a result of auto-tuning algorithm used
  • creep zone control
  • immunity to small pets (up to 20 kg)
  • low current consumption
  • can be installed directly on a flat surface or with the use of dedicated brackets:
    • BRACKET C set:
      • angle type bracket: constant 45° angle
      • ball-joint bracket: adjustable vertically through 60° and horizontally through 90°
    • BRACKET E set:
      • BRACKET E-1 (GY) – body for attaching the BRACKET E-2B inserts
      • BRACKET E-2B (GY) – insert for mounting outdoor motion detectors of the OPAL series
      • BRACKET E-3 (GY) – 30 mm distance piece enabling the detector to be distanced from the wall or ceiling
      • BRACKET E-4 (GY) – 20 mm mounting base
      • BRACKET E-5 (GY) – ball-joint bracket: adjustable vertically through 60° and horizontally through 90° - for the OPAL series of outdoor motion detectors
      • BRACKET E-6 – tamper sensor with NO/NC switch and 500 mm long cables
EN-50131 GRADE 3 - certificate


general information manual
updated: 2021-03-16
778 KB
quick installer guide
updated: 2020-04-27
454 KB


EN-50131 GRADE 3 - certificate
updated: 2020-03-26
172 KB
EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2020-11-20
506 KB

Technical Data

Supply voltage
12 V DC
Detected target velocity
0,2...3 m/s
Operating temperature range
-40...+55 °C
Recommended mounting height
2,4 m
Standby mode current consumption
17 mA
Max. current consumption
30 mA
Maximum humidity
65 x 138 x 58 mm
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Alarm signaling time
2 s
Complied with standards
EN50131-1, EN 50131-2-4, EN50130-4, EN50130-5
Microwave frequency
24 GHz
Warm-up period
40 s
IP code
Detector weight (without bracket)
178 g
Security grade
Grade 3
Alarm outputs (NC relay, resistive load)
40 mA / 24 V DC
Tamper outputs (NC)
100 mA / 30 V DC
Anti-masking outputs (NC relay, resistive load)
40 mA / 24 V DC
Relay contact resistance (alarm output)
34 Ω
Relay contact resistance (anti-masking output)
34 Ω
D/N dusk sensor output (OC-type output)
50 mA / 12 V DC

Information materials


3leaflet - installer

4technical data

5product data sheet

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