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ABAX 2 + Modbus RTU

Open communicatie protocol ondersteuning

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Novelties April 2017

Novelties April 2017

April 2017 sees plenty of novelties. A wide range of products are being added to our portfolio, including a new series of control panels, detectors supplementing the perimeter protection group, devices providing high security of Grade 3 and those that offer new functionality within the implemented systems.

Perfecta ‒ a new series of control panels

The PERFECTA family of control panels opens the overview of novelties. A combination of tradition and modernity ‒ this is how you can describe in short the nature of these new devices. Control panels of this series allow you to build not only conventional wired systems, but also wireless ones with encrypted transmissions, as well as hybrid ones that combine the two types of systems.

Wireless outdoor siren ASP-100

Two-way communication with the PRF-LCD-WRL wireless keypads and MSP-300 sirens takes place in the 433 MHz band. In the wireless system, detectors of the MICRA series and the new MPT-350 keyfobs are also used. The built-in GSM/GPRS communicators make possible interaction with the mobile application supporting PUSH notifications, remote configuration using the PERFECTA Soft program, event reporting, SMS control, transmission of voice messages, as well as audio verification (listening in to the sounds from protected premises).

Wireless dual technology outdoor motion detector AOD-200

Alarm system configuration need not be difficult

The PERFECTA Soft program will guide you step by step through the process of system programming and configuration, including prompts for other devices that can be added to upgrade the system. Intuitive interface and ease of use of the program will attract to it even those installers who have never used a computer so far to configure the system, choosing programming from the keypad instead.

PERFECTA - how to control it?

Wireless outdoor siren ASP-100

The PRF-LCD and PRF-LCD-WRL keypads are designed for everyday operation of the PERFECTA control panels. The first of them is a wired device, and the other one is its wireless equivalent. A new form of simplified service menu facilitates the configuration work performed by using the keypad.

Wireless dual technology outdoor motion detector AOD-200

Easy and intuitive remote operation

The PERFECTA system can also be controlled remotely. The intuitive PERFECTA CONTROL application is used for arming / disarming as well as checking the system status. Support for the PUSH notifications offers the user a constant, uninterrupted access to information about the system events. Regardless of the operation from mobile devices, each of the 15 users of the system can have their own MPT-350 keyfob of a new type (with a range of up to 400 m!).

State-of-the-art compact antenna

Wireless outdoor siren ASP-100

ANT-GSM-I, developed by SATEL's engineers, is characterized by very good transmission parameters and compact size. This dual-band antenna is designed to be used with control panels provided with GSM modules.

Wireless dual technology outdoor motion detector AOD-200

A new OPAL in the family

The well known family of OPAL and OPAL Plus dual technology detectors has a new addition. OPAL Pro is an upgraded version of OPAL Plus. With its active IR anti-masking feature, the detector meets the stringent EN 50131 Grade 3 requirements for indoor applications. Hence, the product can be used for protection of banks, museums, jewelry stores etc.

Curtain up ...

Wireless outdoor siren ASP-100

... and there are new actors on the stage. AGATE and AOCD-250 are curtain detectors ‒ products of a new type offered by SATEL. Being elements of perimeter protection, they supervise a narrow strip of space, a sort of "curtain" invisible to the eye, the violation of which will trigger an alarm. AGATE is a wired detector which features active IR anti-masking and, therefore, meets the requirements of EN 50131 Grade 3 for indoor use. On the other hand, AOCD-250 is a component of the ABAX wireless system.

Wireless dual technology outdoor motion detector AOD-200

Certified, stand-alone smoke detector

The ASD-150 smoke detector can operate as part of the ABAX wireless system or as a stand-alone device, which is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with EN 14604, issued by the Polish Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection (CNBOP). Detection of fire, even at its early stages, by the device will set off acoustic and optical alarm signals. If several such devices operate in the ABAX system, information about detection of a threat by one of them can be transferred to other selected ASD-150 detectors in the premises to trigger an alarm in them.

Power supply for special tasks

Wireless outdoor siren ASP-100

The APS-612 backup power supply is a high-efficiency supply unit, intended for use, for example, in the alarm systems that meet the EN 50131 Grade 3 requirements. Its high output current, high efficiency, active PFC and a number of protective devices are the features that will certainly encourage installers to use the new model in the systems they are building.

Wireless dual technology outdoor motion detector AOD-200

Where to install it all?

In addition to the devices, new models of surface-mounted enclosures are being included in our portfolio: the plastic OPU-2 B and the metal OMI-5 that meets the EN 50131 Grade 3 requirements. With the OMI-5 PI set, containing plastic inserts and supports, and the OMI-5 DIN accessory rail, installation and arrangement of devices inside OMI-5 is simple and easy.

The above products are only a fraction of what the Company plans to introduce in the current year. Information about other new products coming soon!


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