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Moscow seminar

The perception and popularity of the SATEL brand on the Russian market is steadily growing year on year. Our product portfolio, designed to suit the specific requirements of professionals and end users, is finding an increasing number of devotees and satisfied clients. This tendency results in the growing demand for training courses and meetings allowing for an exchange of opinions and presentation of solutions that help expand the wide range of SATEL products. In response to the above, on the 19th of June 2013 in Moscow, we carried out a training course for over 50 professionals from the IDS industry, at our distributor’s invitation (ARMO company).

The subject of the workshop were our flagship wired and wireless solutions. Our INTEGRA and VERSA control panels have a well-proven track record on this market. During the meeting, INTEGRA Plus - the newest group of control panels was unveiled, all of which conform to the EN50131 GRADE3 standard. In addition, course participants had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the capacities of the INTEGRA control panels relating to the creation of home automation systems. Also, the course described the different possibilities of facility monitoring using the VERSA control panel and the wireless MICRA system. Great interest was also shown in the monitoring station STAM-2. The above-mentioned latest solutions in this field ideally match the requirements of the Russian market.

One of the main modules of the meeting was the presentation of our newest products. Guests had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the latest keypad INT-TSG z 4.3” with a TFT display which uses capacitance technology, just like smartphones and tablets. Apart from the basic commands which activate and deactivate the stand-by mode, INT-TSG requires only one command to start complex command sequences thanks to the MAKRO functions. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes the daily operation of the control systems and automation simple and enjoyable. The INT-TSG also provides quick and easy access to information on the current status of the system. Another innovative solution is a touch keypad with 7’’ screen and resolution of 800x480, which ensures exceptional legibility of all information displayed. The housing of the INT-TSI keypad protects technologically-advanced components: Cortex-A8 processor clocked at 800MHz, Micro SD card connector and Ethernet socket. The operation of the entire device is controlled by the Windows CE system which has been designed specifically for equipment which works in a continuous mode. Such advanced technology has enabled a thoroughly different approach to the user interface to be taken. In contrast to other keypads with a touch screen which are available on the market, INT-TSI makes it possible to personalise the entire operational interface. Consequently, the appearance and the operational methods of the INT-TSI keypad can be adapted to the individual requirements of a specific user. The participants of the training course also had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the module for the support of radio devices 433 MHz with a two-way communication MTX-300 and ACCO NET. The ACCO NET system is a significant development of the existing SATEL access control systems, as a result of which an exceptionally advanced assess control system has been created to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding of clients. ACCO NET is a modular solution based on the IP communication which enables the adjustment of the system to the current requirements of organisations implementing such modern solutions. As a result, a flexible access control system is created with enormous configuration capacities which through its extensive central management range covers organisational sectors which are very remote from each other.


The attendance was high until the very end of the meeting, which confirms the keen interest in SATEL products. The active involvement of our Distributor is one of the most crucial factors in generating interest in our brands on the Russian market. We hope that the latest products presented during the meeting will also be met with great interest and the products’ functionality will gratify many users.




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