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SATEL at Securex 2014

The 20th International Security Fair SECUREX 2014 is already over. SATEL can certainly consider it as a very successful and fruitful event. SATEL's top quality products and intuitive solutions once again were recognized by the Polish and foreign Customers, Trade Partners, as well as by the Organizers. Here is a brief summary of SATEL's presence during the four days of SECUREX 2014.

Awards and prizes for SATEL products

The wide variety of products offered by SATEL arouses interest at each trade show, Poznań being in this respect no exception. Among the extensive range of SATEL's top quality devices, the recently debuted products, of which as many as 30 were presented at Securex 2014, were particularly successful.

SATEL's innovative and unconventional solutions, as well as attention to the highest quality of its products, were appreciated by the Organizers of the Fair. The latest INT-TSI touch-screen keypad was awarded the MTP Gold Medal of the 20th International Security Fair SECUREX 2014!



The INT-TSG touch keypad was, in turn, awarded in the Polish Alarm Technology Master 2014 contest, which is organized by the Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians for Technical Security and Safety Management POLALARM.

However, the huge popularity of SATEL's stand among the SECUREX exhibition visitors can be explained not only by the fact that top quality, prize-winning devices were presented there, but also by how they were demonstrated. SATEL attaches great importance to presentation of its products in a manner which is most friendly to the Customers, while reflecting in the best way the marketing policy of the Company. These efforts were appreciated both by the visitors and by the Chapter of the Poznań International Fair, which once again awarded the Acanthus Aureus prize to the SATEL Stand.

Crowds of guests at SATEL's stand

The SECUREX Fair is a great place to present a wide range of product to the electronic security specialists. This year, the strategy of putting individual boards with devices at different points of the stand, as used by SATEL, once again proved to be correct. Thus, despite the huge interest in SATEL solutions (and, consequently, a large crowd of Guests at the stand), both familiarization with the devices and the talks with Company experts took place in a really comfortable environment.

Particularly popular with visitors to the SATEL stand were: the new integration system, the first fully wireless VERSA-LCDM-WRL keypad, as well as the INTEGRA 256 Plus control panel, which offers higher capabilities to the installers in creating complex, GRADE 3 compliant systems. In addition, the Customers and Trade Partners paid special attention to the presentation showing applicability of the INT-TSI keypad and the dedicated TSI Builder Configurator, as well as to the part of the stand where the MICRA CONTROL and MobileKPD -2 Pro mobile applications to manage intelligent alarm system were presented. Also the marketing materials available at the stand were in great demand – over 10 thousand of leaflets and catalogs, and about 3.5 thousand multimedia CDs were distributed within four days.

SATEL supports Polish Champions

As part of the SECUREX Fair, the 4th Championships of Polish Alarm System Installers (MPISA) were held. SATEL once again had the pleasure to be a Technical Partner of MPISA, preparing for the participants a competition in the field of intelligent alarm systems. From among over 170 teams competing in the eliminations, the seven best ones qualified for the finals. The task that awaited the teams aspiring to the title of champion at SATEL's stand, consisted in creating two macro commands for the INT-TSI touch screen keypad to be used with the configured INTEGRA 128 control panel. Contrary to appearances, it was not an easy job: as the device is a recent addition to the market, some of the finalists were programming it for the first time. However, all participants of the competition perfectly coped with the task, which is a proof of the extraordinary intuitiveness and ease of use of the INT-TSI keypad itself, as well as of the TSI Builder User Interface Configurator. Because the level of knowledge and skills of the finalists was high, the score differences which decided on the selection of the winners were quite small. Eventually, the title of the Champion of Polish Alarm System Installers 2014 was won by Tomasz Krajewski and Radoslaw Matwiejczuk, the team of QUMAK company from Warsaw. Best congratulations from SATEL to all finalists and the winners!

SATEL would like to thank sincerely for the nice meetings and fruitful discussions, as well as for interesting suggestions and comments to all Customers and Trade Partners who in such great numbers visited the Company's stand at the SECUREX 2014 Fair. It is owing to them that the Company can continue to grow, while providing the top-notch innovative solutions which are expected and needed by both domestic and foreign customers.

SATEL will be happy to meet you at subsequent trade shows, the next opportunity being the SECURITY Fair, which will take place in Essen on 23-26 September. In 2014, SATEL will also participate in the following trade events: BEZPEKA (Kiev), SFITEX (St. Petersburg), SICUREZZA (Milan) and EXPOPROTECTION (Paris). SATEL also invites you to regularly visit the Company's website www.satel.eu where you can find information about new products, as well as events from SATEL's life.



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