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Italian distributors at SATEL's headquarters

From 4th to 8th July 2016, SATEL had the pleasure to host representatives of Italian redistribution companies. This integration and information meeting was organized jointly by SATEL and SATEL ITALIA.

The group of visitors from Italy included representatives of as many as 17 regional redistribution companies: the owners, sales representatives and technical experts. Employees of SATEL ITALIA, SATEL's exclusive distributor for the Italian market, arrived in Gdansk with them as well.

The program of integration meeting was very extensive. Already on the first day, our guests had an opportunity to see and understand the process of making SATEL's products, by visiting the company's premises, including production departments, warehouses, research and test department, server rooms, as well as office areas, particularly those occupied by designers and programmers. The visitors were much impressed by the wide range of our machinery, modern production lines, as well as the number and scope of the tests which are conducted at various stages of product manufacture. They also appreciated the skills and extraordinary precision of the work of SATEL's specialists and emphasized the great importance of the order prevailing throughout the company, especially in the production departments.

The knowledge our guests acquired when visiting our headquarters was supplemented by numerous meetings with SATEL's representatives. The experts from Italian redistribution companies had an opportunity to talk with Mr. Ireneusz Kowaluk and Mr. Grzegorz Rutkowski, Members of the Board. Then, organizational philosophy of the work of individual departments and the ways of its implementation were set forth by Mr. Michał Kępa, Software Development Manager, and Mr. Krzysztof Sadowski, Technical Support & Service Manager. New products and announcements of solutions that have yet to hit the shelves were presented by Mr. Mateusz Krawiec, Area Manager.

The last point of the official part of the program was a meeting dedicated to the distribution of SATEL products on the Italian market, as well as issues related to the responsibilities and the image of a professional installer of electronic security systems. The presentation was conducted by SATEL ITALIA representatives: Ms. Antonella Renaldi, Owner of the Company, Mr. Lucio Marcattilio, sales representative, and Mr. Donato Attomanelli, representative of FOR.TECH redistribution company.

This extensive program of professional meetings and presentations was supplemented with elements enhancing integration between the redistributors as well as between the Polish-Italian international trading partners. The guests had an opportunity to visit the Old Town of Gdansk and take a boat trip on the Motlawa river to Westerplatte, as well as try their hand at competing at the kart track. The few days' visit ended with a joint farewell barbecue.

SATEL would like to warmly thank SATEL ITALIA for their commitment and another example of fruitful cooperation, and the Italian redistributors - for visiting us, and also for their business enthusiasm and interest in our solutions in the field of intelligent alarm systems.


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