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VERSA Intruder alarm control panels

During the last years the SATEL Company has been focused on expanding its offer for developed and functionally advanced devices, while still offering the well-proven and highly marketable CA-5, CA-6 and CA-10 control panels, which belong to the basic segment. To meet the market demand, SATEL has launched its new control panels of the VERSA.

Thus, SATEL has once more proved its inventiveness in the field of electronic alarm devices. The VERSA control panels are designed for small- and mid-size systems, wherever reliability and easy operation count the most. At the same time, their up-to-date design makes it possible to incorporate all the latest technological developments, including the two-way wireless communication or digital communication media.


VERSA – Hardware Features

The VERSA series of control panels includes three models: VERSA 5, VERSA 10 and VERSA 15. The only difference between the panels is the number of zones on mainboard, which is 5, 10 or 15, respectively, as well as the output current of built-in power supply unit. There are no more differences: all three of them have the capability of being expanded by up to 30 zones (both hard-wired and wireless), use the same keypads and expanders as well as the same programming menus. This considerably facilitates and makes less expensive both installation and subsequent servicing of the systems.

Each of the VERSA control panels has a built-in switching power supply unit: in case of the VERSA 5, its output current is 1A, while the other panels are provided with 2A power supply. Irrespective of their capacity, the power supply units have a number of safeguards and suitable battery charging control circuits. All the new series control panels have four outputs on the main board: two high-current ones with 1.1A capacity, and two low-current ones. Just next to the zones, a four-wire bus lead-out is provided for connecting keypads and expansion modules. Using the bus makes it possible to increase the number of control panel zones, provide the system with wireless devices via the ABAX ACU-100 module, connect the 16-message CA-64 SM synthesizer, or, finally, to expand the system by 8 additional programmable outputs.

Because each model of the VERSA control panel enables programming the parametric resistance, it is possible to easily adjust the device to the requirements of the existing alarm system. Additionally, the function of pulse signal analyzing allows direct support for vibration and roller shutter zones. Another addition to the programmable zones is the dedicated tamper loop interface to which the tamper contact of enclosure or sirens can be connected. Standard outfit of the new control panels includes the on-board integrated telephone dialer which enables monitoring in various formats (including ContactID and SIA), voice messaging and remote programming via the modem. Of course, the GSM/GPRS module can be also connected – in such a case, the SMS messaging capability will be an extra benefit, apart from the abovementioned features.


VERSA – Comparison with the Current Devices

The underlying purpose behind introduction of the VERSA control panels was to design a sound series of devices which could be a replacement for the popular and highly valued but somewhat going out of date CA-5, CA-6 and CA-10. When developing the new design, the SATEL's engineers have taken into account the remarks and suggestions conveyed by specialists during the fairs and exhibitions, as well as in the process of consultations with the experts providing technical support for the SATEL's products. The need to adapt the VERSA control panels to the rapidly developing technologies has also become self-evident – hence the full support for expansion by adding wireless components, or support for GSM/GPRS dialers and TCP/IP modules. Unlike the INTEGRA control panels, which are dedicated for sophisticated systems executing the security and automation functions, the VERSA control panels are designed to be used in typical alarm systems. Notwithstanding their large capabilities in their segment, the key advantage of VERSA control panels is their easy configuration and programming. This is why they are an ideal alternative to the INTEGRA panels in case of small- and medium-size installations which require advanced communication features, but not necessarily extended control and automation functions.


VERSA – Versatile and User-Friendly Device

The capabilities of VERSA control panels meet the typical needs of small- and mid-size alarm systems. This is possible because of a wide range of available accessories, and also some incorporated functions which were only previously available in more expanded equipment. Another important advantage are the system control options: beside the LED and LCD keypads, also the proximity cards / tags or remote control key fobs can be used for this purpose. This makes it possible to customize the system to individual preferences of the end user and the specific installation environment. It is also worthwhile to mention an interesting solution introduced in the VERSA control panels, which is the dedicated arming modes. Owing to this feature, each of the two supported partitions can be independently armed in one of the three modes, i.e. full mode, perimeter day mode and partial night mode. Special function keys, designated with intuitive pictograms, are used for this purpose. All the modes for each partition can be available from any keypad, which considerably simplifies the operation philosophy, while allowing to ensure the maximum security in every situation.

Combining the simplicity of operation, comprehensive expansion capabilities and support for specialized communication modules has resulted in a state-of-the-art equipment which can successfully meet the requirements of today's and future alarm installations. Additionally, SATEL's care about ensuring the highest quality, in line with the philosophy of ISO9000:2000, guarantees the trouble-free operation, and the offered training courses and technical support make it easier to understand all capabilities of the new equipment.



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