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AMBER - Motion Detector

A new addition to the family of motion detectors in the current SATEL's portfolio is the AMBER passive infrared detector. It stands out among the other similar devices manufactured by SATEL because of the interesting design of its compact enclosure. This is why it is an ideal choice for the protection of small-to-mid-size living and office spaces, where its discreet style, not interfering with the harmony of surrounding environment, is an extra advantage.

From a constructional point of view, the AMBER originates from the recognized and well-proven AQUA PLUS detector: both of them are fully digital, featuring direct signal polling by the SIGMA-DELTA method and using the same technology of digital signal processing and temperature compensation. This means that this design, albeit brand new, is directly based on the many years of experience gained during conducted research-and-development work. Application of the well-tried technologies guarantees reliability and high quality of the AMBER detector, the most vital properties of motion detectors which are very difficult to assess without a great deal of examination and testing.

Miniaturization of the technologically advanced detector would be impossible  without the state-of-the-art components used for construction of the device. One of the most important of them is the pyroelectric sensor, constituting the "heart" of the passive infrared detectors. Its role is receiving the lens-focused infrared radiation, emitted by people moving around within the detector's field of view. The pyroelement quality is not only vital for the detector capability of effectively sensing the motion, but for the immunity to false alarms as well. Used in the AMBER detector is a modern pyroelement in SMD housing, manufactured by the Japanese Murata company. Application of this type of housing has not only enabled the detector size to be significantly reduced, but has also made its mounting possible on automated production lines.

Another component which has enabled downsizing of the detector dimensions is the semiconductor relay, used instead of the traditional reed relay. Beside its small dimensions, it is characterized by a very low current consumption, which makes it possible to reduce the total current consumption to 3mA. Because its size has direct effect on the detector's reliability, relays of the renowned Clare company have been chosen by SATEL for construction of the new device. Not only the manufacturer's renown, but also results of the numerous in-house tests of resistance to approx. 2kV surges and pulses were the decisive factors when selecting the relays. Still another vital component of the detector is the Fresnel lens, which accounts for the spatial shaping of detection zones. The American Fresnel Technologies lens, used for construction of the AMBER detector, is characterized by the beam distribution angle of 98º and the maximum effective range of 12m. This makes the AMBER detector suitable for efficient protection of typical spaces in apartments, houses and offices. Beside quality, the ease of installation and servicing is an important factor for the specialists in security devices. Also in this field, the AMBER detector offers interesting solutions. First of all, the detector can be installed on the wall either directly or by means of accessory holders. Thus, the detector can be reliably mounted, also on the ceiling, irrespectively of the installation conditions. Additionally, locating the connector in the lower part of the electronics board facilitates access to the terminals, while ensuring good legibility of the inscriptions. The AMBER also allows the installer to select the required sensitivity level, as well as to enable or disable the violation signaling by means of LED. If this signaling function is enabled, the device will be signaling the detected motion by distinct red backlighting of the whole lens

As is the case with other SATEL's products, each AMBER detector leaving the production line undergoes full-scope functional testing, so the installer gets a thoroughly tested device. All these advantages, combined with the attractive price, make the AMBER detector an ideal solution for installations, where the competitive price is as important as the quality and reliability.


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