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What are SATEL's new proposals for autumn 2015?

New products
and new features

2015 is the year of novelties from SATEL - such an announcement appeared in January, when the first new products to be introduced in the current year were presented. With the onset of autumn it is time to present another batch of new solutions that offer previously unavailable features and allow easy expansion of the existing systems.

What are SATEL's new proposals for autumn 2015?

Firstly, the outdoor dual tech motion detectors

Czujka OPAL i OPAL Plus

SATEL's offer has been extended to include devices which make the area around your house as safe as its interior. These are the OPAL and OPAL Plus outdoor dual tech motion detectors, which offer reliable detection as well as easy installation and configuration. The dual technology (PIR + MW), combined with the algorithm of detector auto-adaptation to environmental conditions, ensures high immunity to false alarms and, thus, stable operation in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the detectors have a splash-proof, IP54 rated enclosure, for the production of which two-component injection technology is used. The detector enclosure is also characterized by a high mechanical strength and resistance to UV radiation.

The OPAL Plus detector is additionally provided with a dusk sensor for OC output control, which allows it to be used also in alarm systems with home automation. Therefore, sensitivity of both the dusk sensor and all the detection circuits in the OPAL Plus detector can be configured remotely using the OPT-1 IR keyfob, which eliminates the need for repeatedly opening the detector enclosure to change the settings.

Czujka OPAL Plus z pilotem OPT-1

BRACKET C - Zestaw uchwytów do czujek OPAL

Design of the OPAL and OPAL Plus enables them to be mounted directly on a flat surface. However, if the detector is to be turned vertically or tilted horizontally, you should use the special angle type or ball-joint type bracket from the BRACKET C set. The first one enables the detector to be mounted at a permanent angle of 45° relative to the wall, while the other allows the detector to be swiveled in two planes: through 60° vertically and through 90° horizontally.

The OPAL series detectors come with enclosure in two color versions: white (OPAL and OPAL Plus) and gray (OPAL GY and OPAL Plus GY). Also the dedicated brackets are available in these two colors: BRACKET C (white) and BRACKET C GY (gray).

Kolory czujek OPAL

The OPAL detectors as well as their dedicated wall mounting brackets are available both separately and in special sets: OPAL SET, OPAL GY SET, OPAL Plus SET and OPAL Plus GY SET. Consequently, each Customer can either individually choose the equipment he needs, or select a ready-made sets offered by SATEL.


Secondly, white enclosures for the familiar control devices

Nowa gama kolorystyczna - WSW

The most important feature of control devices, such as keypads or partition keypads, is their reliable performance and intuitive operation. As they are also among the most prominent elements of the alarm system, they are also expected to harmonize as well as possible with the design of interior, in which they are installed. Therefore, new white color versions of enclosures for some popular devices have been included in the offer, e.g. INT-TSI-WSW, INT-TSG-WSW, INT-KLFR-WSW, INT-KSG-WSW and INT-SF-WSW, without changing in any way functionality of the devices.


Thirdly, new devices of the VERSA series

New solutions for the existing product families are also being introduced. In this way, the range of offered VERSA devices has been expanded.

The first of them is the VERSA IP control panel, designed for protection of small and medium-sized buildings. Its mainboard comes with integrated ETHM, INT-VG, INT-AV modules and PSTN dialer. As a result, the VERSA IP enables communication through two channels, Ethernet and PSTN, thus providing effective transfer of information. Based on this control panel, a wired, wireless or hybrid system can be created. The device can also be used in conjunction with the ACU-120 and ACU-270 controllers, which enable a perfect operating range to be obtained by the ABAX family devices - up to 500 m in the open area.



Another new VERSA family device is the VERSA-LCDR-WH keypad. Its easy to read display and large buttons are made for convenient everyday operation of the alarm system, and the built-in proximity card reader allows you additionally to control the system without having to remember the access code. Yet another useful feature are the function keys for quick activation of the required arming mode or call for help.


Fourthly, even more convenient installation

SATEL's offer has also been extended by adding new features for even more convenient installation of the devices and even better use of the functionality they offer.

The OPU-1 B universal enclosure is designed for mounting various types of SATEL modules. Its elevated mount makes it easy to connect the wires and hide them in the enclosure. It is also provided with a tamper switch, triggered by opening the enclosure.

Obudowa OPU-1 B

HOLDER A - uchwyt do obudowy OPU-4 P

The HOLDER A is designed for the OPU-4 P enclosure to enable the ACU-270 or VERSA-MCU wireless system controller to be mounted inside it. This makes the installation faster and more aesthetic, while moving the controller away from the wall may also improve the quality of radio communication with wireless devices.


The above-mentioned new solutions broaden the SATEL range of products by adding new features and allow convenient expansion of the existing systems. These devices, however, are not the last ones to be presented in 2015. More information coming soon!



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