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Novelties April 2012 

A number of new products appearing in SATEL’s offer in early spring is the answer to the constantly changing market expectations. Trying to meet the needs of our clients, our product range was extended with the following devices:


The TSD-1 detector is designed for detecting fire hazards within the standard alarm systems powered with 12V. It is the perfect complement to systems using the INTEGRA and VERSA control panels; it can also be used with control panels from other manufacturers. With the configuration using DIP switches, its installation is as simple as possible and functionality can be easily tailored to the needs.



An extension module allowing for playing back voice messages and sounds in response to events in the alarm system. Sounds from the INT-VMG module can be played through the speaker directly connected to the module, or via the PA system in the facility. The module can register up to 32 messages, and configuration software allows their creation using automatic mechanisms for converting written text to speech.



A universal radio control kit, which uses a selective superheterodyne receiver. Thus it is ideally suited to carry out various types of remote control tasks requiring a long range (up to 200m) and extremely good resistance to interference.



An autonomous access control module is the easiest solution for electronic access control. With it you can authorize access both with proximity cards, as well as passwords typed on the keyboard. Complementing the module with a 12V power supply module and an electronically controlled lock/bolt, a fully functional access control can be obtained.


AQUA Plus 2E / AQUA Pet 2E / AMBER 2EAQUA Plus 2E / AQUA Pet 2E / AMBER 2E

Digital passive infrared sensors with integrated parametric resistors, making proper installation quicker and easier. The resistors are adapted for standard settings in the INTEGRA and VERSA control panels, as well as CA series control panels.


MFD-300 / MFD-300 BRMFD-300 / MFD-300 BR

Wireless flood detector MFD-300 is designed for detection and signaling of water leakage through the MICRA alarm module. Available in white and brown, it can be adapted to the different types of interior designs.




Controllers designed to support the VERSA control panel, distinctive for their attractive blue backlight of the keypad and the display (only VERSA-LCD-BL). With the trendy backlight colour, the appearance of these controllers fits even better the design of other modern appliances in home and business applications



Main port for the KNX system, necessary to connect the INT-KNX module to the KNX bus.



FD-1 BR / AFD-100 BRFD-1 BR / AFD-100 BR

Wired and wireless flood detector in a brown cover, making it easier to match the look of the detector to the premises with dominating dark, natural colours..



B-1 / B-2 / B-3 / B-4B-1 / B-2 / B-3 / B-4

A range of new reed relays, thanks to which it is even easier to adapt the devices for an effective perimeter protection. Among the new devices are both miniature detectors that are ideal in situations of limited space for installation, as well as versions with metal housings, perfect for places exposed to mechanical exposure – for example, for securing garage doors.


Detailed information can be found on the web pages of the products. We invite you to become familiar with the technical specifications and functionality of our new products.

We hope that the new items in Satel’s offer will meet your expectations and requirements.


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