Premiering at SATEL. Meet the new INT-TSH2 and INT-TSG2 touchscreen keypads

We proudly present the new level of safety and automation control

Meet the
touchscreen keypads


The newly designed interface, powerful processor and swipe gestures support are the most important improvements of the INT-TSH2 and INT-TSG2 keypads - but there are more! Installers can create an original interface theme by changing the wallpaper, colour and size of icons - all according to user expectations.

The new software also allows to upload a building scheme. Installers can map an entire installation, with individual devices placed in accordance with their actual location. This greatly facilitates the identification of individual system components and overall control.

The new keypads are available in two colour versions: modern white and classic black.
TSH2 is a device with a large 7”screen. The TSG2 is a smaller device with a 4.3”screen.

You can read more about the new keypads here


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  Premiering at SATEL. Meet the new INT-TSH2 and INT-TSG2 touchscreen keypads


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