New SATEL devices. Check our recent additions

Again we are expanding our offer with new devices. Complement your intruder alarm and home automation systems with the new SATEL products

New items include: ABAX 2 smart plug, indoor curtain detectors, communication module, panic buttons, and more.

The products are now available in the CONFX hardware configurator. Log into your account and download the newest version for free.

We’ve also released a new edition of the SATEL Product Catalogue.

Detailed list of the new products:


ASW-200 smart plug that allows users to control plugged in electronic devices with power rating of up to 2300 W. The plug is available in two models: E-type socket (EURO) and F-type socket (SCHUKO).


ACD-220 wireless curtain detectors, a new addition to the ABAX 2 family of wireless devices. ACD-220 is designed for indoor use.


CD-2 curtain detector, compatible with any control panel, and designed for indoor use.


ETHM-A universal monitoring module, that enables data transmission using Ethernet. ETHM-A can work autonomously, or within an alarm or automation system.


ARU-200 radio signal retransmitter that increases the range of ABAX 2 radio communication.


ACMD-200 wireless carbon monoxide detector that senses the dangerous gas concentration in supervised area. The detector can work in standalone mode or within an ABAX 2 system.


APB-200 wireless panic button, intended for triggering a panic alarm, or to call for help.
APB-200 can be used for controlling other devices.


MPB-300 wireless panic button, dedicated to work with PERFECTA WRL control alarm panels, VERSA-MCU/MTX-300 controllers, MICRA wireless system and selected RK-series radio controllers.


PB-10 panic button, a wired device compatible with any alarm control panel supporting NC-type detectors.


OPX-1 universal hermetic enclosure, dedicated for the AXD-200 and XD-2 detectors. OPX-1 allows these two detectors to operate in outdoor areas.


OPXM-1 magnet in hermetic enclosure, designed to be paired with the AXD-200 or XD-2 detectors when placed in the OPX-1 enclosure.

We hope these new products will meet the high standards of our clients.


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  New SATEL devices. Check our recent additions


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